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Tennessee Farmland Legacy

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Cost of Community Services Study in Tennessee

A cost of community services study performed by the American Farmland Trust is one national model that can be used by communities to understand the cost of community services on a county level scale. This methodology analyzes revenues and expenditures on a land use basis ... residential, commercial/industrial, and farmland ... for a specific fiscal year. Revenues by these land use categories and fiscal demands of public services (e.g. public safety, government administration, schools, courts, etc.) are examined to show the cost of providing these services to residential, commercial/industrial and farmland uses.  Results of these studies provide local government decision makers a snapshot in time description of the net cost to local county governments by land use types for a particular fiscal year.

In 2005, Cost of Services Studies were completed by the American Farmland Trust in Blount, Robertson and Tipton Counties in Tennessee. The Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation and Cumberland Region Tomorrow sponsored the study. Results

For more information or to access other Cost of Community Services Studies, please visit the Farmland Information Center’s site at and click on ‘Literature’.  You can then search for reports by state.

For more information about the study done in Tennessee, you can contact:

Dr. Bridget Jones, Cumberland Region Tomorrow,